Renewal of Child Passport in UK

Renewal of Child Passport in UK:

UK passport service provides the way to renew the passport for child as well compared to other countries. When a child is under 16 years of age, then UK govt provides a way to renew or replace a damaged passport up to 9 months before the current passport expires.

The passport renewal policy for child is same like adult policy, you can get to add the left time on your current passport to the renewed passport which can be maximum of 9 months.

Renewal of Child Passport in UK

You can choose from different ways to apply for renewal of child’s passport, there are 4 ways to choose from ,

The renewal of passport usually takes upto 3 weeks, you can use a different service to get the passport urgently.

The correctness of the provided information is must as if the less correct information is provided may lead to longer delay in passport renewal, this may occur in a case the information filled in an application is not correct.

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