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Sixth Sense Technology – Sense Of The Future

Sixth Sense technology is a gestural interface that can be used. It is basically a device that comprises of a pendant to be worn on the neck which consists of a data projector and a camera. This combination was proposed by MIT Media Lab student Steve Mann and later developed further by Pranav Mistry.

The aura called Sixth Sense Technology

sixth sense technology by pranav mistry

In a Sixth Sense Technology there is a pocket sized projector, a camera and a mirror in a pendant like device that can be worn. The projector, camera and the sensors are also connected to a mobile computing device which is in the pocket of the user. Visual information is projected by the projector which enables the use of the surface around as an interface.

The surface can be anything like walls and many other such physical objects. The camera tracks the user’s hand gestures by recognizing it and it also detects the physical objects using the technique based on computer vision.


The software works by processing the video-stream-data which is captured by mentioned camera, and it tracks the location of colored markers which are the visual – tracking – fiducials, at the fingertips of the user. The movement and the arrangement of these are interpreted as the gestures which act as the instructions for the application interfaces. The Sixth Sense supports both multiuser and the multi-touch interaction.

The Various Prototypes

The prototype consists of various demo applications. Like, with the map the user can navigate the map displayed and can pan and zoom with hand based gestures. There is a drawing application with which the user can draw on any given surface with the movements of the index finger.

Another quality of this technology is that it is implemented with augmented reality, i.e. if the user reads a newspaper, the paper can be augmented in a way to project live and dynamic information.

The USPs

The system also recognizes the various free hand gestures of the user which is inclusive of the symbols or icons drawn in the air by the user. For example, a simple framing hand gesture, takes the picture of the area that is being framed. With this the user can take photos whenever he or she wants to, on the go. Also, the user can flick by through the pictures he or she has taken.


When the user draws a symbol of a magnifying glass, map application is where the user is taken to. On the other hand the “@” symbol is where the user can keep a check on his or her email. When the user makes the gesture of drawing a circle, on his or her wrist, an analog watch is projected.

The Sixth Sense Technology has brought into the beginning of a new technological era, a revolutionary set of ideas that are sure to reach absolutely new milestones. It would be like bring in a touch of reality like they show in the science fiction movies where displays are on the wall and mere gestures act as commands.

The digital world would be interacting with the human beings with the coming in of the Sixth Sense technology. It is a futuristic technological development which will definitely take technological development to new heights.

Advantages of Sixth Sense Technology

The benefits of this technological development are as follows:

  • The user guide to the Sixth Sense technology enables the users to use it easily.
  • The hand gestures can be learnt very easily by the people in order to use the sixth sense technology.
  • The user for example can take pictures, edit those pictures, access the pictures at any given time and so on. In order to make a phone call, all a user will have to do is to dial by touching the keys displayed on his or her palm or any other physical surface.  The sensor can recognize these gestures easily and then the user can do what he or she wants to do.
  • The Sixth Sense Technology can scan a book that the user wishes to read and then it can provide the detailed reviews and summaries and the ratings of the book. It can do so by the newspapers and magazines as well.
  • It would be a great and probably the best substitute for today’s laptops, phones and tablets. Users can browse through the web, check email and access and work on other office programs.
  • Playing games seem to be the most obvious outcomes but the Sixth Sense Technology proves to bring in a great deal of ease and efficiency when it comes to maintaining the accounts. A three dimensional view is provided once the user makes certain gestures on the piece of paper.

With all these advantages and benefits though, there are certain disadvantages and issues related to the Sixth Sense Technology. These are certain health related issues. Some other problems are that the projection made won’t really be private, since it is very much more detailed, and projection on a wall or such a surface won’t help in maintaining privacy. Also, a problem is that the display is better during the night time and at the dark places when compared to the daytime hours and bright places. But efforts are being made to overcome such problems by Pranav Mistry and the team working on the sixth sense technology.

The Pricing of Sixth Sense Technology

Pricing this technological marvel is yet another probing question coming out of the mass. Although Pranav Mistry did make an announcement about the present device costing around three hundred and fifty dollars, but still there is no such conformity as to what will be the price of such devices. Also, it is still not known as to the when exactly will the Sixth Sense Technology be out in the market.

The Sixth Sense Technology has been designed in a way that it provides relevant and needed information quickly with ease and efficiency. This technology will be a connecting agent in the physical world which is tangible and the digital world which is intangible.

sixth sense technologyWith this technology, the need to have a number of devices to access the internet or to carry out the basic things required would not be there anymore. It would be just one smart sixth sense technologically run the device and a few, real easy to learn and remember hand gestures. Everything present right on the fingertips.

The accuracy of the sixth sense technology cannot be subjected to any questioning because of the very fact of it being perfect. This is the next generation of technological development and is a kind of change that will change the entire perspective of the relation between the mankind and the computers.



The propagator of this Sixth Sense technology Pranav Mistry has made many demonstrations on the working capacities and abilities of this technological marvel. It is just a matter of time before the markets are flooded with the devices which would be enabled with the sixth sense technology.

It is a blend of various other than Sixth Sense Technology, and the outcome of such technology is the devices which are single and easily portable and not to forget the part where the use of Sixth Sense Technology based devices will prove to be economical as well. The distance between the real world and the digital world will be reduced to an extent, previously unknown to mankind but when known will make great things happen.


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  1. A ‘SixthSense’ is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.

  2. Waiting for seventh sense… Nice post.

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