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Smart Tools free download Measure Distance Compass Ruler Magnifier Protractor

Smart Tools app android free download Measure Distance Compass Ruler Magnifier Protractor

The Android Smart Tools App is like All In One quick access app. Through this app, we can have count and measure some of the Length and Angle and Magnetic level around you. When you have this app inside your smartphone or tablet, you can measure various dimensions. There are 5 sets of various measuring tools available inside this app.

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The Smart Tools app provides all these smarter tools to measure Length, Height, Direction, Distance etc. This is a handy tool with which we can measure all the basic things and get accurate details after messing up all the different angles and distance.

There are actually, 5 sets of various measuring tools. We are getting various measuring Pro sets as per following details:

1 – Sound Meter, Vibrometer: Sound Meter Pro

2 – FlashLight : Smart Light Pro

3 – GPS, Compass, Metal Detector: Smart Compass Pro

4 – Length, Angle, Level, Slope: Smart Rules Pro

5 – Height, Distance, Area, Width: Smart Measure Pro.

All these 5 sets are there, and has made our work easy. There are more than 50 languages supported by the Smart Tools. All the every day use basic things like Compass, GPS, Metal Detector, Sound Meter, Height –  Width, Length, Angle etc. measurements can be done just with a simple touch.

With the use of the Smart Tools app, without any equation or calculation – we can count all the complex sums as well as calculations. There are so many equations for all these height – width, length, distance, area calculation, and so many of those equations are hard to remember. But with this app, we can count all these things anywhere, anytime.

You just need is Smart Tools App inside your smartphone or tablet. Also there are multiple languages supported, so it can understand you and has user friendly interface. There are various sets available so that we can select specific set of tools and can quickly get those required tools, and count all the simple as well as complex measurements.

Here: To Download Smart Tools App For Free

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