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Summer Films: Hot Upcoming Action Movies releases in the summer


Top 5 Releases of summer 2013 are all set to set the movie theatres on fire

Vacations seem like the prime time for great movie releases. It is a time when the summer heat doesn’t mean much for everybody is in a holiday mood. People are laid back; with the kids at home, this is the perfect time to go out, chill a bit and have fun. And somehow to capitalize on this partying mood, the movie industry plans some of its greatest releases in the summer. For this is the time that they expect the best response from their viewers. The summer of 2013 is also set to see some great movies of all times coming up in the theatres. Each of the planned releases is equally spectacular and it is hard to shorten up the list to arrive at the 5 most sought after and awaited ones. Here is a list of 5 great releases from the summer of 2013 that are a must watch:

THIS IS THE END – This movie is set to hit the theatres this June’s 12th. Directed and written by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, the movie stars Emma Watson, Jonah Hill, Rihanna, Jason Segel, Mindy Kaling, Michael Cera, Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogen and James Franco. The star cast obviously has it marked in bold that it is a must watch. A comedy, all set to get the theatres in ripples, it centers on the happening of catastrophe, when the just anything and everything goes crazy. Now who exactly goes crazy and what happens later is left to be seen when the movie hits the theatres.

MAN OF STEEL –The date for the big release is the 14th of June. Superhero Movies never go out of fashion. Audience from every age, the old and the young alike swarm to the theatres for superhero movies and with the kids back from school having the best times of their lives in the summer heat, this has become one of the most awaited releases. Nolan from Batman would be producing the movie and the always sought after character of Clark Kent is to be played by Henry Cavill. Coming straight from the makers of the Batman series, a lot of fun, ecstasy and darkness can well be expected from the movie.

WORLD WAR Z –With all the movie genres are already making it to the theatres this summer, it seems like the movie carnival is going to be incomplete without an action movie in the theatres. If the names rings and any bells for you, here is the reason why, the movie is based upon a 2006 Novel, World War Z by Max Brooks. For those of you who have heard or read the novel, will know that it is one of the epic action novels ever written. Now it’s left to be seen how far can the movie bring the pages of the book onto the screen and well in case it can’t…. Well you will have to see that for yourselves on the 21st of June.

ONLY GOD FORGIVES –A promising adventure packed with just the right amount of action, this movie will set the theatres on fire, come this 19th of July. From Nicolas Winding Refn and starring the sought after Ryan Gosling as the proprietor of a boxing club who has to look for his brother’s murderers. The plot of the movie guarantees a visual treat and for those who are a little too skeptical about watching it, a trip to the theatres to watch Ryan Gosling would be totally worth it.

THE WOLVERINE –Coming to the theatres this July 26th, James Mangold has done his best to bring Wolverine straight of the comic flicks onto the big screen. The movie stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Logan and having seen him perform in the X-Men, I guess we are all going to make this trip to watch this unrespectable movie. Comic strip fanatics, here comes your treat for summer of 2013.

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