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UC Browser for Android Free Download

UC Browser for Android Free Download

If you are using an Android gadget, then here is some thing which will be very helpful to you. UC Browser for Android is such a great browser for all kind of Android phones and tablets. Also it has been awarded twice due to rich features and device compatibility features. UC Browser is one of the browser which has been downloaded and used by more than 400 million users world wide.

UC Browser

Having an Android gadget, and using a browser are just the most used tasks. But what is you do not have compatible browser with your smart phone? Well, now you have one – UC Browser for Android. This browser comes with lots of features and now with the latest version of this browser, there are more functionalities added inside it.

Some of the new functionalities:

Auto Pager is the intelligent features which automatically loads the next page while you are reading the current page and come to the end of the page. Isn’t is great feature?

Speed Mode II is also another intelligent feature which senses your available network and gets suited to the network availability. Also it fetches limited web pages while using it.

Facebook Video Uploader is one of the most liked feature as you can upload videos to your faceboook account very simply. Also photos from facebook can be downloaded easily on your phone.

The latest version supports Hindi and also typing options are available from which you have have compatible size of switches.

And the most important thing is that, the latest version comes with all these improved functionalities and also it has almost doubled the downloading speed.

Improved Features’ Review:

Auto Pager,

Speed Mode II,

Facebook functionalities,

Language and Typing Features,

Download Speed increased,

Better Network Compatibility.

Click on the following link and download UC Browser for Android for Free:

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