UK Passport renewal in Canada

UK Passport renewal in Canada:

The procedure for applying for British passport from Canada has changed its rules several times in past years , after 2013 all the applications for passport renewal are sent to Durham, UK. The reason for processing all the application within UK has allowed them to reduce the production cost required behind the application thus minimizing the fees for the application.

UK Passport renewal in Canada:

Applicants under 16 years old must have their parents’ permission then only they can receive a British passport. It is compulsory for both the parents to give written consent for the passport to be issued to the child so as to take the responsibility of the child, and the forms should be fully filled by the parents, as it’s is the responsibility of the parents and must be completed by the one of the child’s parents (preferably the British parent).

Documents required to get a Adult British passport from Canada:

The documents that are required to be attached with your applicaton form depends on whether you are applying for the new passport or you are renewing the passport.

You need to issue the modern maroon-coloured passports if your passport is lost or stolen or damaged or renewed.

A maroon color cover for renewing a British passport:

  1. Current passport issued by British government
  2. 2 UK passport photos
  3. Fully filled application forms
  4. Fees

Download the application form for Adult’s passport :

All applications for a British passport for children must have the countersignatory completed for proper verification of the parent’s identity that are applying for the child’s passport.

Download the application form for Child’s passport :

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