United States Passport Fees US

United States Passport Fees US Passport Fees

In US passport fees are base on the age and the type of the services through which you are having that passport. The fee structure for adult and child are different as you can see in bellow table:

Us-passport United States Passport
Us-passport United States Passport

Renewals of Adult Passport (Age 16 years or above)

Renewing Type Form to be used Renewal Fee
Passport Book of Adult DS-82 $110
Passport Card of Adult DS-82 $30
Both Card and Passport Book of Adult DS-82 $140


The renewal fee is different with different type of passport renewal like we can see that if citizen only want passport book then it cost $110 and if wants Passport card then it charge $30 and if want both then it cost about $140.

If the applicant is be inherent in U.S. then renewal form can be apply by mail or at the Passport Agency by person.

If the applicant is  residing in Canada can submit DS-82 form and can mail for the passport to the address which are listed in the application form.

But if applicant is from abroad except the citizen living in Canada has to apply compulsory at Embassy in U.S. or at consulate.

If the form DS-82 is submitted then the charge for the execution fee which is $25 is not chargable.


Renewals of Child passport (Age Below 16 years)

Renewing Passport Execution charges Application fees Form to use
Passport Book of Minor( Under age 16yrs) $25 $80 DS-11
Passport Card of Minor( Under age 16yrs) $25 $15 DS-11
Both Card and Passport Book of Minor( Under age 16yrs) $25 $95 DS-11

Renewals charges varied according to the requirement as in renewal of minor passport execution charges are same for passport book, card or for both but application fees is different. Application fee for passport book is $80 , for passport cards is $15 and for renewal of both passport card and book cost $95. The fees of execution is paid compulsory at time of executing application.

Optional Services

To avail this service extra charge has to be paid with application. The optional services are:

  1. Expedited services:

The facility of expedited is available to the applicant reside in U.S. only. To have this service applicant have to pay extra charges i.e. $60 with application. This Fee has to pay with application form at the time of submission to Passport Center or Agency.

  1. Overnight Passport Book Delivery:

To have this service you have to pay $14.85 addition to the applicant fee at the time of submitting application. The benefits of overnight passport book delivery service is available to the citizen of U.S. only.

  1. Search File:

It is required at the time when the citizen is not able to present any proof of citizenship. This service charge about $150 in addition to the application fee at the time of submitting passport. Except the passport application, a written application have also to submit for verifying last passport report of birth in abroad.

Special Services

Type of Service Form use Fee structure
Add new pages to the Passport DS-4085 $82
Correction of Data Error DS-5504 $0



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