View Form 26AS Income Tax

View Form 26AS Income Tax Income Tax Form 26AS

The Form 26AS is one of the combine tax statement under the income tax rules 31 AB to PAN holders. These include various detail regarding to statement of final year such as:

  • The tax collection at source (TCS).
  • The tax deducted at source (TDS).
  • Regular or self assessment tax/ advance tax deposited in the bank by PAN holder(tax payer).

The tax credit statement can be accessed in three ways:

Now question arise about the information that how information in Form 26AS are organized. So the Form 26AS mainly divided into three parts:

1. Part A:

In part A detail information about tax which is to be deducted at source by individual/deductor one who made a particular kind of payment to individual.

It also include detail information regarding the deductor name and deductor TAN beside it information of deducted as the section under which whole deduction is process and the date on which payment was result amount paid tax from deposit in the bank account and other payments are included in this part of Form 26AS.

2. Part B:

It include detail information related to Tax collected at sources by the seller of any kind of particular good in which they deal. Other detail information as seen above in Part A with concern to the seller and the other tax collected also be available in this part.

3. Part C:

It show detail information about the advance or self assessment taxes which were directly paid by individual and detail information about the challan or the receipt through which the amount of tax is paid in the bank.

View Form 26AS

The Form 26AS is useful in many ways such as:

It helps to confirm that the tax Deducted or collected has deposited to the government account or not.

It help to know than on our behalf the tax deductor or the collector has filed accurately the statement of TCS/TDS. The detail of the amount deposited by individual is properly arranged by bank or not.

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