What is svchost.exe And Why Is It Running?

Every time when you opened your task manager and notice that some svchost.exe files running in it and you think about it why is it running in my computer? I know you are confused about those files. You are only thinking why is it running on your computer without any reason and what actually is it? But don’t worry; here you can get all the answers of your confusion about svchost file.

What actually is Svchost.exe?

Svchost.exe originally called Service Host executable fie. It is a windows host file. As per Microsoft Corporation defines, svchost.exe is one kind of process in which the computer contains hosts to perform multiple processes or various functions of the windows operating system. It has affected with all host files which used to defend and create dynamic link libraries.

Before sometimes the Microsoft Corporation used .dll (Dynamic Link Libraries) files to perform and execute all this type of processes. They have just changed the file extension .dll to .exe. You can see processes of these files in task manager. Just right click on your task bar and go to task manager you got so many service hosts files running at a time in processes tab. See below image what exactly I have tried to show you.

Svchost files in task manager
Svchost files in task manager

This image has captured in my Window 8 operating system. If you have Windows 7 you got “svchost.exe” instead of “Service host: (Process name)” texts. It’s just an OS version difference.

Why are so many svchost.exe running in my computer without any reason?

Some people are taking it and understand as viruses. But these are the all service host processes not any virus infected. It’s all about depending on your operating system processes and functions or applications which you are working with it at that time. The entire svchost.exe file execute with every little process of OS. Even your system’s user interfaces also creates some service host files for make a performance or create DLL (Dynamic Link Library). Every little task of your compute creates instance a svchost.exe file for every local group of process.

So, don’t worry about it. It’s all about your computer performance and each task of windows OS. It’s all might have been run for each and every interface of user interface mostly. Some are related to the firewalls. You can restart it with right click on that service host file. But don’t stop it because most of the tasks of your computer may have run out through with service host file. So, after stop it that service the failure of svchost might be stop down your OS task which may you are not familiar with them. Let’s see what you can do with those files.

What I can do with Svchost.exe in windows?

You can stop it by task service in task manager which have created this service host file. In windows 8 OS you just go to task manager and click on to “Service” tab, you can see so many service are running. If you think that many unused services running and increase your CPU usage than you can stop or restart it by just right click on it. (As like below image)

Restart or stop svchost file
Restart or stop svchost file

You can see all details of the service host file in “Details” tab on your task manager. Why and which task is running with this file.

Service host file details
Service host file details

If I stopped svchost.exe file, will it damage any system file?

First you make sure to confirm that file could responsible for heavy usage of your CPU which you want to stop. If yes, then also confirm that if you will stop it then which service/application stopped down in windows. So, first you have to find out those files only which increased your CPU usage and make hanging of your computer and then please restart it first. Even your computer not working properly after restarting that service host files you may proceed for stop it. Also, please notice that application/task which may stop after disable/stopping their svchost.exe as I have show you with image above.

So, if you have clear for those services which may not any affect with stopping of svchost.exe file then you will not have to face any damage of your windows system files of any tasks. Some processes are default for running windows OS functions. So, don’t stop it for even any reason. These processes are same for all OS like Vista, XP, Win 7 and Win 8. So, don’t confused for it, go to proceed with task manager as per this article. You may clear all and solve your problem definitely.

If you have unclear anything about this article then please let us know to comment below. We are always here to help you and solve your problem about service host execute file.

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