What is TIN No.? VAT / CST, How to Apply For TIN Number (VAT and CST)

What is TIN Number, How it is useful for VAT / VST? How to Apply For TIN No.? Complete Information about TIN, VAT and CST.

You have heard about the word TIN Number so many times from the businessmen, dealers and even from retailers. The Name is very famous and still very few people know the detail and procedure of TIN for VAT and CST. Any person who is living in India and doing a small business or possessing a large corporation or a wholesaler requires TIN Number according to Corporation Tax Department of India. All the information about the most known word TIN provided as follows:

What is TIN Number? VAT / CST Information and Application Procedure to get TIN No.

The Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) is a unique number provided by the Corporation Tax Departments of respective States of India. TIN is an eleven digit number that is useful for every transaction regarding VAT (Value Added Tax). The first two digits of TIN defines State Name (E.g. GJ for Gujarat) and remaining nine digits are different for each State in India. The TIN is helpful to recognize the Dealer’s Identity for within State transactions as well as Inter-State sales. TIN is also useful for Income Tax Department to identify the Assessee.

For Whom TIN is Compulsory?

The Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) is mandatory for Manufacturers / Exporters / Traders / Dealers, and any other covered under VAT (Value Added Tax) OR under CST (Central Sales Tax). The Commercial Tax Departments of all states have the provision to providing a New TIN Registration Number to replace their old registration number / CST number. Thus, the TIN is one Registration Number that can be used for VAT and CST both transactions of sales.

How to Apply for TIN Number?

The Application for TIN was offline in former times, and it was too time-consuming as well as typical for the Assessees. Therefore, it has been Online now in almost all States of India. However, the Application Procedure, as well as Documents Requirements, may differ from each State. To apply for TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), just log on to the official website @www.tin-nsdl.com.

Documents Required for Applying for TIN:

  1. Identity Proof / Address Proof / PAN (Permanent Account Number) of Proprietor.
  2. Address Proof of Business Premises (e.g. Electricity Bill).
  3. Invoice of First Sale or First Purchase.
  4. A copy of LR / GR regarding First Sale or Purchase.
  5. Payment / Collection Proof with Bank Statement regarding First Sale or Purchase.
  6. Surety for approval of TIN / Security / Reference.

The List of Documents may different for each State, Kindly refer official website for more information.