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Where’s My Water game free download APK

Where’s My Water is one of the most famous and has been rated Game of the year among so many amazing games. This games includes amazing and interesting physical puzzles which has to be solved for further levels. There is an alligator named Swampy, who goes for shower but there is no water, So you just have to help Swampy to search for his water. There are various backgrounds and places where next level takes you for next puzzle. There are different four stories of the Swampy the alligator. So as per your choice you can select any one and then start playing this amazing game.

There is a funny and lovely alligator  – Swampy. He is just tired and goes for his shower, but then what h found. There is no water, he goes on searching for the water. This is why the game is named as Where’s My Water. You have to solve some of the exiting puzzles so that Swampy can get his water and finish his shower.

There are some of the friends of Swampy. They are Allie, Cranky, Mystery Duck etc. More than 500 interesting puzzles, which needs to be solved. You need to think before solving the puzzle. There are interesting things and mysteries in each level.

Along with all the puzzles, there are some of the traps, from which you have to be safe. There are various traps like Dirty Water, Toxic Water, Stream, Algae, Triggers etc. Also there are so many points to collect, interesting puzzles and bonus points. All these can be earned while playing the game.

Just follow the way and get the Swampy to the water. So that he can finish the shower. There are multi touch supported by this game, so that it will be more interesting to play this game. There is soundtrack which is ringing while the game is going on and the graphics are also attractive.

Here: To Download Where’s My Water Game For Free

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