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What Will Happened When Whole World Jumped At The Same Time

Things are changing rapidly today. But here we are going to talk about something that is very ordinary and people hardly think about this one activity. This activity is something very common in our daily lives. We are going to talk about jumping. Mass jumping is what we will be talking about and how the innovation and creative aspects of science have made some theories that we would never have expected to be related to something like jumping.

Whole World Jumped

Whole World Jumped


Have you ever thought what exactly can happen if all the human beings across the world jumped at the same time. The very implications that would be caused by this very act are something that we are going to talk about, out here. This very question has become the topic and key research area by the scientists and physicists across the world.

The very vague speculations at the beginning were that in case billions of people jump at the same time, then it would be like a trigger element for earthquakes. But then, that is not the only thing that will be happening and also the impacts of such an activity of mass jumping are somewhat more deep and serious.

Scientists believe that such a phenomenon would lead to the creation of a sphere like a wave that would be focusing at the earth’s core and would be descending through the planet earth and then it would expand and hit the earth again at around the time little after it i.e. the jumping takes place or happens. People in some places might also hear or feel a slight bump.

With this answer more or less affirmative, another question is that, can this action based phenomenon be weaponized as well. The answer to this question depends on the fact that how hard and how high people are willing to jump without getting injured in any way. There is indeed a little history about damage being caused by merely the shock waves.

We know about the Herschel and Caloris impact wherein shock waves were created due to the impacts suffered by the moons of Mercury and Saturn. The shock waves had caused a fair amount of geological damage, but this theory is still dangling down the rope waiting to get either confirmed or disposed of.

A good amount of damage could be caused when the whole world would decide to jump off a specified height at a specified time and that together too.

Answers are still somewhat vague in this context. Scientists have been conducting tests one after the other to find out the exact answers to this question.


In Britain all the schools were asked to make an arrangement and let all the students jump at the same time, together in the school playgrounds to help in starting the beginning of a Science Year. In this particular experiment it was decided that at a fixed and specified time on a given day, the students for a minute, would jump.

With this the scientists had planned to monitor possible earthquakes with the impact put in the measuring machines. It had also been planned that this jump would be recorded as “greatest simultaneous jump in history”.

The launching of the science year is basically a campaign funded by the government which has a goal of promoting science in the age group of ten to nineteen. Various record books would be recording this one historically and scientifically amazing event like the Guinness Books of Records, and as said by David Hawksett this event would be setting up a good precedent.

It is also said that the sound that might arise after this jump, might make a lot of people think that an earthquake is taking place, and this the scientist mention would not be anything new. In the year 1995 the Londoners had contacted the Scotland Yard complaining informing about an earthquake that was taking place since they felt a tremor. But then Alice Walker who is a seismologist in the British Geological Survey clarified that the music band Oasis was the reason why the people felt such tremors.

Outrageous as it might seem, but her theory which actually holds logic and reasoning is exactly the reason why the tremors were felt. Upon a detailed and thorough investigation it was found out that over twenty thousand fans were jumping to Oasis’s music in Earl’s court and thus there had been reports of tremors felt by the people from a mile away.

The awaited experiment in Britain would be really interesting and it can also tell us whether thousands of school children can beat the jump of the fans for Oasis. National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, NESTA is the group which is running the Science Year. It was established by a parliamentary act, aiming to promote creativity and innovation in the fields of science & technology and also the arts. Till now three thousand and five hundred schools have volunteered for this huge jumping event.

At present this experiment is limited to Britain only, though it is believed that soon many other schools across the world would join in and then sign up for this scientific event. All that people are waiting right now is a right time and a proper and accurate medium of making this happen.


The newest addition to this scientifically generated phenomenon and event is the “WORLD JUMP DAY”. This day had taken place on the 20th of July in 2006 when it was decided that over six hundred million people would jump at the same time simultaneously, at the western hemisphere. The people behind it claimed that this event will lead to the movement of earth or shifting of the earth from its orbit to another one and this could actually help reduce Global Warming.

Though later it was discovered that the entire thing was a hoax by a certain person, who claimed to be Professor Hans Peter Nieswand and hailed from the Institution of Gravitational Physics, Munich. The event’s program services were hosted by the student association of Germany called Lambda Omega Lambda. The event was not at all a serious one and scientists claim that such a thing was hardly to occur. Thus, the World Jump Day was criticized and discredited across the globe.

It was said that the energy that would emerge would only two per cent of that released by simple and modern hydrogen made bomb. And thus, shifting the Earth’s orbit was a completely impossible outcome by making six hundred million people jump simultaneously, at the same time.

The scientists do believe that if at all everyone jumped together, at the same time, some impacts could take place but they still have not made any concrete declarations about any such event, and as to what exactly will happen. It is only a matter of time till the moment of truth. It is also expected that scientists might just come up with some associated ideas with mass jumping that would benefit the environment and the Earth.

Hopefully this day is near to come and some amazing discoveries are sure to be made.

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