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Best Women’s Bathing Suits for body types Women’s Swimwear

Best Women's Bathing Suits

Best Women’s Bathing Suits

The female body type is always under deep scrutiny when it comes to choosing the right kind of swimsuit or bathing suit. Women have different types of bodies and it is not always like the kind of body shown on the pages of Cosmopolitan or any other magazine by the models and film actors. With the increasing awareness among women about believing in themselves and appreciate themselves irrespective of their body type, there has been a change in the swimsuit market.

Today, companies have come up with a wide range of bathing suits for women of different body types. This is in order to provide them both comfort and proper looks, no matter how the body is. Being a woman is not an easy thing in the first place, so it is important to give top priority to comfort.

Now, before getting to know about the swim suits it is essential to know what kind of a body shape you have. This way you can find out the kinds of swimsuit styles that flatter your figure. It is all about accentuating your curves on the right places and visually get the body proportion balanced. With proper knowledge of your body, you can get the right kind of bathing suit for yourself and be satisfied with your pick.

7 Bathing Suits For Women Of Any Body Types

Now, here are seven types of body shapes and with that the kind of swimsuit that would go right.

  • If you are heavy on the top

Women with heavy top body find it difficult to get a proper bathing suit. If you are one such lady then you don’t have to worry anymore. For this body type bathing suit with fabric gathered at the waist. This flatters the division between the lower and the upper body. Also bathing wear with straps and underwire placed over the shoulders, and styles that clip on the back offer better comfort for women with a fuller bust.

  • If you are small breasted

For women with smaller breasts the bathing suits that provide volume to the top and balance the body are considered proper. So, swimsuits with fringe, ruffles and padded tops add volume to the top. Triangular style tops are also a good choice since they provide a great fit for smaller bust.

  • Pear Shape – Nothing to worry about

Bathing suits that have high cut legs and bottoms with full style bottoms help in elongating the legs and narrowing the hips. This way the waist is highlighted. Also, there are cut away styled swimsuits available that balance the heavy waist and the rest of the body. With this you get to accentuate your curves in the best manner and enjoy the proper comfort for pear shaped body.

  • For the women with plus-sized body

Women often get worried about their appearance if they have a plus size figure. And when it comes to swimsuits, the worry just increases. A swim dress that emphasizes the bust and conceals the thighs while complementing the body curves would suit the purpose. Also suits made with Lycra are a good choice.

  • Tummy Trouble – No more –

Even a slight paunch leads to the creasing of brows for a woman. So, if you have a pudgy stomach, color-blocking is your thing. The dark shades on the tummy area to highlight the lighter areas which add a pleasing touch to your body.

  • Short Torso – Not Short Anymore –

A tankini is perfect for women with a short upper half when in search of a one piece suit. For a two piece suite, low rise swimsuit bottoms elongate the torso.

  • Longer Torso

High cut legs are great for a longer torso, since they elongate the legs and provide a proper division of the body.

With these 7 handy tips, you need not worry anymore about the type of swimsuit you should go forward and go shopping happily. So, What’s your lovely┬áBathing Suits ? just comment below.

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