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Xavi 89 biography Facts which May be you Don’t Know

Xavi 89 biography Facts which May be you Don’t Know

The claim that
Xavi is one of the top-class central midfielders of his age and generation
relies largely on the ability to find and exploit space to score marvelous
goals. Xavi has always been with good vision, pinpoint accuracy towards the
ball and excellent control on the ball to make a goal. He has the best ability
to control some matches through the art of finding spaces.
Xavi 89 biography
Xavi came
through the La Masia, the Barcelona youth academy, at the age of 11. He made
his first-team debut against RCD Mallorca on 18 August 1998. However, after
that, he has played almost 700 matches until now, scored the score of 82 goals,
and made more than 180 assists for over 50 players.

Player Prices

Xbox 19,500
Playstation 28,000
Club FC Barcelona
League Liga BBVA
Nation Spain
FH Hot Rank 9171
Total Stats 439
Position CM
Age 35
Height 170cm | 5’6″
Foot Right
Attack Workrate Medium
Defensive Workrate Medium
Weak Foot
Skill Moves
He is the first player in
FC Barcelona to play more than 150 international matches. Xavi is considered
one of the best midfielders of his time and the top play maker of his
Xavi 89 status

Xavi has also
won 25 trophies than any other Spanish player in history. He has won the World
Soccer Player of the year award in the year 2010. Xavi has also received five
Ballon d’Or nominations, and finished in third place in the year 2009, 2010 and
2011. In the year 2011, he became a runner up to Messi for the UEFA Best Player
in Europe Award. Xavi was also awarded with Prince of Asturias Award for Sports
in the year 2012.

I used DeadEye Chemistry.
First of all it took me about 5 games to get used to playing with Xavi. He really does have his own style of play, it is identical to how he plays in real life. He is the creator of all creators. He is by far the best passer I have ever played with in Fifa 14. The reason I gave him a 9 is because of his shot. His passing is amazing, but his shot is just average. Which i disagree with Fifa’s rating on. I think he has a better shot in real life then a 73 rating.
Passing: His vision, his precision, his ability to put the ball exactly where you want it to go is amazing. I run a give and go where benzema passes the ball to Xavi, Xavi waits a 2nd and gives it back to Benzema, guaranteed goal every time. Also Xavi’s ability to be in the right place at the right time is perfect. He knows exactly where to be to get open for a pass. 10/10
Pace: He is not fast, he is not terribly slow, don’t expect him to beat a defender if you play a ball over the top to him. He is decent at tracking down players that have the ball when he is on defense. 5/10
Shot: Xavi’s shot is just OK. I have had probably 4 shots that should have been goals, that the goalie saved. I got frustrated and changed his chemistry card to Deadeye to increase his shot, since it has gotten better. His free kicks, are amazing. 7/10
Def: You know what your getting with Xavi. 6/10
Dribble: His ball control and dribbling are identical to real life. He just has a way of keeping the ball at his feet. I try not to sprint with him, but to slowly move up the field, and just wait for guys to get open. 9/10
Head: Ehh. 6/10
Key stats:
92-Ball Control
92-Long Pass
96-Short Pass
90- Balance
92 Reactions

From: Chameleon Eyes

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